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Messagepar Backdraft » 25 Déc 2003 10:34

Lecteur multimedia Yamaha avec tuner inclus lecture des format Mp3, SoundVQ, WMA, mmf (sonnerie samsung), MIDI... etc



Main features of MidRadio Player version 4

1. Streaming playback of MIDI and audio
MidRadio Player supports MIDI and compressed audio (MP3, SoundVQ, WMA), covering the major music distribution file formats. You can enjoy streamed music playback simply by pressing the Play button on a webpage, or use MidRadio Player on its own to receive programs of consecutive songs.

2. A variety of playback control functions
In addition to Play and Stop, you can utilize the advantages of on-demand distribution by moving to the next or previous song, or directly selecting a song from the program list. You can also use a Seek function, and adjust the tempo and pitch.

3. Support for skins
You can change skins to customize the design of the operating panel, and even create your own skins.

4. Plug-in mode
An ActiveX Control module has been added so that MidRadio Player can be displayed inside your browser screen (Internet Explorer 5.0 or later) and use scripts to control the playback.

5. Proprietary language for program distribution
A dedicated control language MRML (MidRadio Markup Language) has been developed, allowing seamless distribution of music using MIDI and audio, and letting you create richly expressive content linked with a webpage.

6. Automatic update functionality
You can upgrade to the latest version of MidRadio Player simply by using a function within the player --- no need to access a website. If desired, you can specify that a confirmation screen will appear each time an update occurs.

7. Audition 40-voice cellphone ring melodies
Now you can audition 40-voice cellphone ring melodies.
Note: Since this uses a soft-synthesizer, the tones will differ from those on the actual phone.

Player requirements

OS Windows98/Me/2000/XP
CPU Pentium II 400 MHz or higher (In some cases, a faster CPU may be necessary.)
Memory 64 MB or more (128 MB or more recommended)
* Depending on your OS, you may need even more memory than this.
MIDI XG-compatible MIDI tone generator in your computer (Soft Synthesizer, Yamaha-manufactured tone generator chip, etc.), XG-compatible 16-bit sound card, or XG-compatible external MIDI tone generator
Audio 16-bit stereo PCM sound functionality
Browser Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
(ActiveX Control functionality cannot be used in Netscape Navigator)
Other Internet access (hardware / software)

Installation and removal

Double-click the downloaded file "mrxxxx.exe" ("xxxx" will be the version number), and the installer will start up. Follow the on-screen directions to install the software.

Removing the player (Uninstallation)
In the Control Panel item "Add or remove programs," choose "YAMAHA MidRadio Player" and remove it.
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Messagepar carlzero » 25 Déc 2003 11:05

salut backdraft

je voudrai savoir que donne t il de plus ce logiciel par rapport a media player ou bsplayer

suis pas une :idea: dans ce domaine
un probleme sans solution est un probleme mal pose :-)
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Messagepar TDK » 26 Déc 2003 13:45

Je test... pour le moment ça passe bien pour l'audio j'ai un portable samsung avec les son extention mmf c'est bien, le son MIDI ok, mp3, ok tuner MIDI il faut cliquer sur le bouton droite de la souris pour le menu clic sur select site et faire un choix, ensuite sur channel ou song mouai sans plus, WMA ok, SoundVQ ok, ASF ASX non, Mov non, rm non... a suivre

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